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Your Wedding Reception Checklist

Getting married is something everyone thinks of as something big. The couple and the families leave nothing as less significant. Be it the wedding dresses or the food choices, everything is done months before the big day. What remains undecided and unprepared is the wedding reception music checklist. Imagine your entry to the venue with your crew without an appropriate song to compliment the feelings, would not that be something worse to happen?

To get you out of the hassle so that you do not miss any moment to plan, this read includes a fun wedding reception music checklist.

Entrance Song

There should be a song decided and planned for your bridal entry. Choose something exciting and uplifting from the list of wedding djs in NYC to make the entry of your couple an exciting and grand one. This song will also serve as the mood booster of the night so choose accordingly if you want it to be hyped and energetic or slow and sweet. 

Cake Cutting Ceremony Song

Cake cutting is an integral part of wedding traditions. You will always remember this moment so this should be prepared as a foremost priority. A pop song or a ballad may add the emotion you need to feel for this one. This song tends to only last for 45 seconds to a minute, so don’t spend too long deciding on this one. This is where you can choose something sweet and cheesy.

First Dance Song

This one is the most precious one. Your first dance is what you will remember most out of all the music that is played on your wedding night. Pick something that means something to you, or that sounds appropriate. Try the dance steps on the song you choose before the final performance so that it fits in the best way possible.

The Bouquet Toss Song

It’s the most exciting and fun tradition as you see the bride tossing a bouquet to the bridesmaids. As the ritual brings all the girls on the dance floor, this song should be the one hyping their energies with a girly song by any best dj in nyc.

The Good-bye Song

This reminds everyone that it is the time to bid goodbye to the bride and groom and wish them best of luck for their happy life ahead. You can bring everyone on the floor for the one last time with this song. It should be a classical choice to cherish the good times. 

Along with these suggestions for your wedding reception checklist, you can also prepare some other songs according to the mood of your event. Since it is your wedding, you are the one who knows the most about it and deserves to choose the best for everything that falls in. it is not necessary to prepare a song for the cake cutting if you are not doing so. You can minus or add the options in the checklist according to your requirements. You can also hire an affordable wedding dj nyc to manage the dance house, songs for the moments and all the performances. 

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