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Wondering How To Make Your Indian Wedding DJ Chicago Rock?

The wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each couple to celebrate their union with their nearest and dearest in a way that not only captures the depth of their feelings but also tells their story in a way that leaves guests with a lasting impression of how special the occasion was and how much fun they had.

One of the trendiest new trends is the rustic-chic wedding. The bride and groom have lots of freedom to exhibit their individuality because weddings can be held in a variety of distinctive locations, such as a barn, farm, prairie, country, ranch, or vineyard. The bride and groom have so many expectations about their wedding day and their Indian Wedding DJ fulfils these expectations of the couple with his amazing work.

Every Indian couple wants their Indian wedding to be truly a celebration of who they are as a pair and memorable for all the right reasons. Below are some of the things which make any Indian wedding rock with its DJ:

A Magical Entrance

The idea of the bridal entry was not previously given much weight. Only the bride was carried to the Mandap for the wedding from her chamber. However, the style has changed in recent years. Today’s attendees are impatiently awaiting the bride’s entrance to the ceremony. The Indian Wedding DJ Chicago uses some of these concepts to make a memorable entrance.

  • Flower shower
  • Color bombs
  • Fire works
  • Palki Ride
  • Dance Entry
  • Flower path

Crazy Catering Concepts

Without nourishment, nothing could be done. And meals play a major role in India’s elaborate wedding traditions. Indian Wedding DJ knows that meals are a comprehensive segment that demands considerable creativity from both sides, from the starters to the drinks, the main course to the sweets. So that’s why your Indian wedding DJ will give extra attention to the catering side. Some extra food ideas which can make your Chicago wedding rock are:

  • Cake

A personalised cake is a great idea, but you may also add figures or monograms to the top of the cake. Don’t worry your Indian Wedding DJ Chicago will do it for you.

  • Dessert Stop

Your Indian Wedding DJ Chicago knows very well that every Indian loves sweets and dessert. You have a wide range of options for a winter wedding. You can get a hot cocktail or some hot chocolate with ice cream topping from the drinks menu. Everyone’s favourite and a lovely addition are mithai. Additionally, you may set up a soup station with flavoured bread for your visitors. In addition to all of this, other Indian desserts are adorable enough.

  • Sip the Remedy

You might have some truly unique colored and flavoured drinks for your summer wedding that will tempt your guests to take a sip.

Unique Ceremony Seating

As soon as your guests walk into the space, they will say wow. A unique seating arrangement is certain to make a good first impression. Chairs are typically arranged in rows behind one another. Place the seats in a half-moon pattern on both sides of the aisle to add some variety. Instead of having to look over the person in front of them, this provides visitors with a better vantage point. If you decide to have a small ceremony, think about placing your guests in a circle so they can observe the events.

Music Suggestions By Your Guests

You want to remember this celebration! Everyone focuses on the big picture elements, whether it’s modernising the lighting, timing the confetti drop, or putting a monogram on the dance floor. They may all be used to make a space into the reception party for your Indian wedding. But take it a step further as the crowd is being energised by your Indian Wedding DJ up there.

Possess a music suggestion box where friends and family can leave their names and messages. Avoids the hassle of making the long walk up to your Wedding DJ Chicago to have your request played. Such a fun concept!

On the board, Share Your Love Tale

You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, such as writing with chalk on the chalkboard and reading each sentence aloud one at a time. The second option is to perform a play that tells your love story. Whichever option you choose to be more imaginative and romantic, go with it to make your day memorable.

Unique Transportation For Guests

Having transportation included is usually an advantage, regardless of whether your reception is a short distance or a long distance from the site of the ceremony. The senior guests will appreciate you providing transportation to and from the venue and their vehicles. Additionally, you won’t get a call informing you that a visitor is having trouble finding the second venue. Making a good impression on loved ones might be accomplished by renting golf carts or tour buses.


It’s every couple’s wish that their wedding will be the best and unforgettable. DSD Lighting and Events loves to assist upcoming brides and grooms in celebrating their union with a distinctive and memorable experience from the moment they book until the very last song of the night.

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