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What Are the Newest Trends in Indian Weddings in New Jersey?

New Jersey is a place where people belonging to various cultures live. Indian Families are also quite common there. One of the most eminent events in the lives of Indian people is their wedding events. Because they live in states, that’s why they are distant from their cultural roots. They try to make their weddings a representation of where they actually are along and what their actual home is. Indian people also attend New Year Party New Jersey other than their traditional and cultural events.

Here are the main details of what Indian Weddings are like in New Jersey.

Close Gathering Events Only

Back in India, the wedding is a much bigger event but in New Jersey, Indian people prefer smaller weddings that do not involve inviting hundreds of people. The Indian weddings happening in New Jersey only involve family members and some very close friends of the bride.

The wedding will hardly have 50 to 60 people in it and this is what makes the wedding stay on a shorter budget. More money is saved and less food is wasted this way. But only 5% of people living in New Jersey who are very close to their roots will have a big fat wedding.

Trendy and Stylish Outfits

When it comes to the selection of outfits, the personal choice of the bride matters a lot. Some of the Indian Brides of New Jersey go for an all-white evening gown just like how Americans do. But some of the brides go all traditional with a Lehenga Choli and Sari for their big day. There is a ratio of brides, their point of view is that they have a home in both New Jersey and India. So, they go for a fusion of both cultures when it comes to the outfit. For instance, a full red evening gown or a princess flare gown. The outfit is one of the most important things which is considered important in the weddings of both cultures.

Selection of Music

Because of attending New Year party New Jersey, the musical choice of Indian westerns is a bit of a mixture of both western and eastern music. Both types of music will be played at the wedding because they want to represent what they are, they are a part of New Jersey but somewhere their heart belongs to their culture. For instance, for party songs, they will go for Indian rich Music, and for melodious music, they will go for western soft rhythms. Choice of music is very personal but this is what’s happening most of the time people are going for the fusion of both cultures.

Aesthetic & Themed Events

Indian wedding New Jersey is all about aesthetic themes. For instance, one of the most common ones is an outdoor boho-themed wedding party which represents the flora and some earthy tones as well. They keep the venue of the wedding as simple as possible like a lawn or just in their backyard.  Most of the time greens and whites are used for decoration of the main day. If we talk about events then Indian Girls love to throw a big bachelorette party and a PJ party as well, in which the bride and the bridesmaid have fun and various fun activities. Then some traditional events, like sangeet, haldi, and main wedding day are also a part of the festivities. The last closure event of the wedding is the reception which is also for close friends and family members.

Variety Of Cuisines

One of the most important parts of the wedding no matter what place it is the food at the wedding. Western cultures have minimal options. On the other hand, Indian cultures have a buffet-style food option. But Indian weddings in New Jersey have both. For instance, they will have mac and cheese, some vegetarian options, and Biryani is a must have at their weddings. Indian people are obsessed with Panipuri and because they don’t get it in New Jersey they make it a mandatory option at their weddings.

Food is what on which Indian people never compromise no matter what city or country they are in.

Wrapping It Up!

All of the trends of Indian wedding New Jersey are mentioned above. If you need any type of consultation and arrangement of any type of traditional events or to plan your special day then you can get help from the professional experts at DSD.

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