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Wedding DJ Responsibilities

Understanding the responsibilities of a professional DJ for your wedding is crucial. As you might expect, the primary responsibility of an affordable dj service is to provide music that keeps everyone happy and entertained at your wedding. There is more to this responsibility than you might think. When choosing an Indian wedding DJ in NJ, the most common mistake is to underestimate the difficulty of playing music that keeps people on the dance floor.

Wedding DJ and their Responsibilities

 Some couples choose to have their wedding reception DJ by a friend or colleague rather than hiring a professional. The dance floor is where the real difference between a professional DJ or an amateur DJ is most evident. We will see that just because someone is equipped with DJ equipment doesn’t mean they have the necessary skills or training to properly execute a wedding. The wedding DJ is not the same as the club DJ. Wedding DJs must be able seamlessly transition between different genres.

There is nothing quite like playing music in a club or at a wedding reception.

Most people in a club are the same age and have similar musical tastes. They’re there because they like the same music! Inexperienced DJs assume everyone enjoys the same music.

During a wedding however, people may be from 8 to 80 years old and there will be many differences in their musical tastes.

The DJ can decide how to interact and what music to play with each age group. An Indian wedding DJ who is experienced will understand the importance of variety. They are expected to play all types of party music to appeal to the masses. A skilled wedding DJ will know that each person is passionate about their music. They will be able to tap into this passion and present it in an entertaining way that everyone can enjoy. They will be able to mix and match different music styles and keep the party going until the early hours.

On the other hand, DJs who have never been to a wedding may not be able to appreciate the diversity of the dance floor. People may not respond to the music they choose, which can lead to frustration and a tendency to blame the crowd instead of digging in and finding the right music for everyone.

Professionals have pride in keeping people on the dancefloor, while amateurs feel they should do so out of obligation. Your wedding night will be a success because of the service you avail from best DJ in NYC.

Also, it is important to ensure that your entertainer or DJ has a wide selection of song titles. It is hard to please a wide range of musical tastes and ages without a good selection of music. A DJ must not only have the music but also be an expert in the art of music. This includes all the popular songs, waltzes and club hits.

Also, make sure your DJ plays the songs you want, and not only the songs they like. Many newlyweds have wasted their wedding night listening and dancing to the DJ’s favorite songs. Be wary of a DJ who is too loud. Don’t let a DJ think he or she is the main attraction of the party.

Wedding DJ

Professional wedding DJs such as Indian wedding Djs or Punjabi Dj should have a master of ceremonies. This requires being comfortable on the mic and able to deliver important announcements and introductions in an elegant and charismatic way. Professionals spend time prepping their announcements and take pride in being able to correctly pronounce everyone’s names.

There is nothing that makes a crowd feel more uncomfortable than being in front of someone who is nervous at the microphone. A DJ might try to mask his nervousness by becoming a “party motivator”, irritating guests and embarrassing the bride or groom. A DJ/MC who is well-trained will always be professional and polite on the mic.


Remember that professional DJs are not always who they claim to be and can deliver on what they promise. Check out online reviews. We strongly encourage you to research the history of the company.


Referring to other DJs is the second best way to find out about their reputation. Many best DJ in NYC will have a long list of references they are happy to give you. These references may be from hand-picked couples, or worse, they could have never hired them. A DJ who is a good one will be confident that they have performed at the best weddings.

You will not be able to see the whole picture of the DJ’s capabilities by just spending a few minutes at a wedding. What you don’t see will affect you. For example, how punctual he was, how organized he was, what he played the right music, etc. This kind of “preview”, while it can give you a false sense about your DJ’s abilities, is not helpful.

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