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Wedding entertainment should be the factor with maximum attention and focus pondered upon as it is very crucial to maintain an element of excitement and fanciness throughout the festivities. Your wedding reception might become dull if no appropriate plans are executed. A delicious cakery, DJ, and wedding ballad may be the suitable choices but might appear a bit cliche. DSD lighting and events can help you arrange some intriguing wedding entertainment ideas and be a savior in times of chaos. The most affordable DJ services ensuring maximum entertainment with an Indian wedding DJ onboard is the ideal deal that awaits you ahead as you continue to read. 

Photo Booth

Who does not like to dress up and get clicked for an aesthetic Instagram picture? The arrangement of a photo booth in the venue decorated according to the theme of your wedding reception can be a great addition. Funky props will make the vibe light-hearted and there will be a lot to capture as memories of your big day. Hire the best DJ in NYC and you will find the guests grooving and making adorable poses on every beat played with the perfect use of your photo booth. 

Professional Dancers

Hire a Punjabi wedding DJ and coordinate with him for a synchronized dance performance by arranging a troop of professional dancers alongside. Their quirky dance moves will spice up your reception and will add on a feast of entertainment for your guests to watch. Not only this but the dancers will get the couple included in a surprise as well enhancing the overall beauty of your reception. 

Silent Disco

Silent Disco can serve as a great alternative to cliche dances. Headphones on and your Indian wedding DJ playing a hit Bollywood number is all you will witness with the implementation of this idea. Your friends and family clicking on the beats and being on their finest will make every bit of your wedding reception a memorable and cherishable one. 


Lights and glamor are considered a mandatory element at weddings as they add to the magic of the night. As soon as the couple completes the wedding rituals, an explosion of fireworks lighting the whole sky with sheer elegance and class is what the idea will bring for you. You can arrange indoor fireworks as well by communicating and planning a bit with your wedding planner or vendor. 

Choreographed Dance

Hire the best DJ in NYC who can not only make a customized playlist for you but also help you in choreographing a special dance performance for your loved ones. He will ensure that everything planned in your wishlist will be fulfilled as you like. There are multiple packages offered by wedding vendors, you can have a few recommendations and opt for the most appropriate one according to the theme of your wedding reception. 

Art Installations

This might seem a lot out of the box but is a quirkier idea to decorate your wedding setup. Art can be anything from customized portraits of the bride and groom to pictures from their love story and even with family. Minimal and cute miniatures would make the place look stunning and will grow an immense gesture of emotions and feelings. 

DIY Cocktail Bar

Food and drinks are what everyone cherishes at weddings, and that is why you should add this idea of setting up a DIY cocktail bar at your wedding reception. You can even arrange a host who can set up unique competitions, for example, activity between the friends of the bride and the groom on who can make the tastiest cocktail. This idea will not only be the best in terms of food but will also entertain everyone in presence with colorful drinks all around. 

Still, worrying? DSD lighting and events have got answers to all your questions. You can arrange the best of entertainment for your guests just by connecting to us. From food and lighting to the best of music and setup, we have got all for you. Our DJs will ensure to create a magical night that will remain in the memories of your guests for a while. Feel free to contact us and get the mandatory consultation.

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