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How to Select a Dhol Player for the Wedding Function?

Weddings are usually considered a festivity where people from two families and belonging to diverse cultures unite. The rituals and tradition of both the families take place but one thing which always remains an integral part of the fun is the dhol drums. No celebration feels entertaining and lively without its presence. The culture of dhol drums initiated itself from the great lands of Punjab to motivate the farmers as they used to cultivate their farms and today, not only weddings but on every celebration that requires appreciation or motivation for a particular group, dhol players serve you the best.

As you begin to hire people for your big day, tick the option of dhol players because they can offer you a great deal of entertainment too without costing you a kidney. Keep an eye on the choices as you plan the big day because you should not be taking any risks. Best Indian wedding DJ and best dhol players should be your pick. Read below this guide to get an idea of how you can choose a dhol player for your wedding function.


The first and foremost preference should be your budget among all the other factors. The affordable dj services with provision of services according to the requirements of your event should be your key focus. Every dhol player has something unique in his package, list your preferences and you will find it easier to set a budget.


Online reviews can be your best consultant as you begin the search for a valuable dhol player for your wedding function. You can take reviews from your neighbor’s or friends who got married recently to have an idea about the highs and lows of the market. Check out their performances on their social media pages and see if they are up to the mark for your event. This way you can find some best choices of dhol players and Indian wedding DJ in NYC to choose from.


As they say, practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, hiring someone who is experienced enough and has the weightage to have been performed in numerous events of various moods and themes can make your wedding function a lot better in comparison to the one who has no experience in the field. However, no lie in the fact that a newbie can prove himself as the best pick. Go with your gut instinct, their reputation, and reviews.


Reputation matters a lot when you hire someone for your wedding festivities as the audience should feel comfortable in front of the dhol player. If you are looking for a dhol [player in California, DSD Lighting and Events can get you the best Indian wedding DJ in California along with the best dhol player who will be well-reputed and experienced enough to boost the mood of your audience and make the night the most cherishable one. 


An exciting and unique personality grabs the eye of almost everyone. If your dhol player has a unique look and an entertaining personality, he will make sure to get the best out of the audience. To hire a dhol player, you should be focusing on this aspect as well.

DSD Lighting and Events never settle for less when it comes to customer satisfaction and care for the client. We firmly believe that weddings are a moment of a lifetime and everything should look like a fairytale affair. To ensure that, we have got for you the best Indian wedding DJ and the most captivating dhol players in the town to make your wedding the most memorable for everyone. 

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