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How Do You Choose A Desi DJ For Your Wedding Event In Chicago?

If you’re unfamiliar with the complexities of organizing an Indian wedding ceremony, you’ve probably been considering the flow of your event. Your DJ is the initial place to turn if you want high-rate amusement. This person will help each event’s atmosphere be set and will determine how much fun everyone has. It’s crucial to prepare in advance by giving your DJ a thorough schedule well before your wedding day. You’ll contribute to making sure everything goes off without a hitch by doing this!

We wanted to emphasize the most crucial points before interviewing an Indian dj in Chicago to collaborate with you.

Why Your DJ Is More Crucial Than You Might Imagine

The Value Of Professional Experience

Weddings differ from other celebrations or parties in terms of the music, the planning, and the atmosphere. The songs you listen to regularly might not be appropriate for a wedding or a particular part of an event.

Setting The Mood And Making Memories

What stands out most in your mind about previous Indian weddings you’ve attended, besides the overwhelming number of relatives? Perhaps the atmosphere, maybe even the attire and decor, but most likely the entertaining baraat and the tuneful bride and groom entrances or exits will stick in your memory.

Variety Of Music And Flexibility

DJs can switch between songs, genres, and artists with ease. If you want the top Bollywood hits, the American Top 20 songs, or 90s hits, they can choose from their vast collection of thousands of songs at any time. A skilled DJ, whose versatility and quick timing are the best qualities, can take requests from guests and change the atmosphere of the evening in a moment with ease.

Ability To Mix The Music And Change It Up

 A skilled Indian wedding DJ will be aware of the best song to play at each appropriate time. For instance, after a filling buffet, guests might not want to dance to “London Thumakda” right away or listen to a somber song during a happy occasion.

The Dj’s Character

The one piece of advice that we cannot emphasize enough is this one! It will be up to your DJ to set the tone for the event. Your event will be dull if your DJ is dull. The DJ’s personality is the key cue you should pay attention to. Instead of relying on emails and texts, speak with your DJ in person or via video call to discuss your events, needs, and special requests. You’ll have more confidence hiring a DJ or musician after having this conversation.

Song Request Procedure

The DJ will occasionally receive requests from visitors, family members, or friends to play a particular song that they “enjoyed in high school.” However, likely, the song isn’t quite appropriate for the situation. They’ll be able to fit a large number of them in on your special day, blend them into the night, and offer options for when to do it.

Offer Additional MC Services

Most professional DJs provide basic emcee services in addition to DJing, including announcements, the bride and groom’s entrance, and all major dance performances. Some DJs will also have extra packages for the games and activities that break the ice as well as audio editing of the performances. To get the most out of your contract, be sure to ask your DJ about these services.

Baraat Operation

The Baraat is a significant wedding tradition in Hindu weddings that has evolved into one of the most exciting and significant wedding events. To whisk the bride away, the “Dulha,” or groom, arrives on a horse (or in a car, an elephant, or on foot) while his family and friends dance to the beat of the Dholi and DJ. The DJ will need to bring a portable sound system so they can emcee the baraat and blast music during the procession, getting everyone dancing for the happy occasion. To make sure the music is on time, the DJ will additionally need to work with the Dholi.

Instagram Presence

DJs’ social media accounts serve as both their marketing manager and portfolio. Any prior nightclub performances, YouTube channel updates, or blogs will highlight the DJ’s style and personality, display client testimonials, and aid in your decision.

Lighting And Additional Tools For Indian Dj In Chicago

You should also talk with your DJ about lighting and other technical aspects. Do they want you to set everything up, or does your venue need to help the DJ set up their microphones and speakers? Most DJs arrive fully prepared with everything needed to make your wedding a success. Uplighting can draw attention to a barren ballroom and contribute to an opulent aesthetic balanced with decor.

Additional Crucial Questions You Should Ask For An Indian Desi Dj in Chicago

Other questions you can ask your DJ include whether they have performed at your venue before and what information they require before extending their contract, in addition to the crucial information already mentioned. You can also inquire if they have songs in particular Indian regional languages if that is significant to you.


It’s best to do your research before contacting anyone when it comes to hiring a DJ for your Indian wedding. And for this, the best one in the town is DSD Lighting And Events for the desi dj chicago. This will not only give you a better idea of what to anticipate from the experience, but you’ll also be better equipped to communicate your exact needs to whomever you choose to hire as a DSD Lighting And Events.

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