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7 Tips to Plan a Delightful and Frugal Wedding

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A wedding is the most memorable moment of every individual’s life. The wed-to-be couples desire the best wedding plan, from the decoration to the food served on that day. But in this search to plan a wonderful wedding, most people spend too much of their budget. As an outcome, these one-day expenses have a long-term impact on the finances. Start your new life as a married couple by planning a delightful yet economical wedding. DSD Lighting & Events presents a few tips that can help you to plan a frugal and memorable wedding.

Make A Wedding Budget

Every individual who is contributing to the expenses of the wedding like the groom, bride, and parents, must negotiate the available finances. Although the wedding is an expensive event, it is essential to discuss the possible and not possible to avoid debt conditions. The formation of a wedding budget helps you manage the choices like decoration, number of guests, location, and other details regarding the wedding.  It is not suitable to rent a luxurious resort for you and your guests if you don’t have enough money to afford a luxurious place for a wedding. DSD Lighting & Events is providing an Indian wedding DJ to make your wedding delightful.

Break Down Your Expenditure

After creating a budget, you should divide it into suitable groupings. You can limit your expenses to necessary things according to your budgets, like venue and outfit. For example, if your budget is low, you can manage the expenses by skipping the venue. You can host the event at your home or any friend’s house. If you have a budget large enough, you can add decorations, a wedding planner service, a photographer, desserts, a Punjabi DJ, and more entertainment.

Rent As Much You Can Afford

Renting is the most considerable for a one-day event of the wedding. You have to purchase a photo booth, decorative plants, flowers, and silverware for only one-time use. Many companies are offering a discount or renting supplies for weddings. For example, DSD Lighting & Event offers rental supplies at affordable prices with different wedding themes. It is suitable to get some items on rent rather than buying like chairs, tables, pop-ups, tents, Plates, utensils, kitchen appliances, and furniture pieces. We are also offering affordable dj services to make your wedding more entertaining.

Make a Small Guests List

The number of guests invited to a wedding determines the costs of the wedding. More guests result in more food plates to serve, more furniture, and a bigger place to satisfy them. It is a wise decision to make your guest list small and only prefer to invite your close people.

Choose a Nearby Wedding Location

The location of the wedding makes it more delightful and joyous, but it is also an expensive thing. Always choose a wedding location that is a few minutes’ drives away from your home.  Destination weddings can be very expensive for you if they involved the higher transit requirement, especially if you have a large guests list.

Seasonal Availability of Products

The supply of flowers like roses, tulips, lilacs is high in the spring season at the most affordable rates. Similarly, ginger, gardenia, dahlias, and anthuriums are great in supply in the winter season. This is necessary to consider seasonal things while planning for your wedding, either for decoration or for the selection of the menu.

Planning and Preparation

When you have much time available for the preparation of the event, you can better look after the reasonable alternatives. If you set your wedding date for six months from now, then you will have less time to handle your caterer or band and other party things, and it will increase your expenses. You should try to buy supplies during off-peak months when the costs of the products might be less. With DSD Lighting & Event, you can have a wedding dj in nyc at an affordable price to make your wedding day rocking.

Planning a delightful wedding is not always very expensive. Follow these tips to make your wedding day awesome within your budget.

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