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10 Tips To Make Your Indian Wedding Entrance Memorable And Stylish

The wedding entrance is the first official event when you may introduce yourselves to your guests as the newlyweds. Here’s how to make your wedding entrance enjoyable and unforgettable!

A memorable entrance is necessary for a traditional Indian wedding to be complete. Aside from being one of the most significant and memorable days of your life, your wedding is also one of the most crucial. While many couples choose a large Indian wedding and invite everyone, some choose to have an intimate ceremony with only close family members from both families.

However, in both situations, even if they attended your wedding, guests look forward to the entrance the most. You should dress up, have a few drinks, have the best Indian wedding DJ and dance your shoes off during the wedding. It’s the ideal way to mark the beginning of your happily ever after, and here are some creative suggestions to make it unforgettable.

Pick A Theme

In your wedding, there comes one big glam show called the entrance. To make it more memorable, choose a theme. This generation is crazy with wedding themes, and there are tons of options available. You may choose the dress code, colours, décor, music, and menu based on the theme of your choice, whether it is a Bollywood- or a carnival-themed entrance. Your visitors will be more enthusiastic and there will be a greater sense of excitement if they dress appropriately.

The Spectacular Entry

You exchanged vows, took your Saath Phere, and then you drove off as a newlywed couple with the sign “Just Married” on your car. There is no doubt that the entrance must be a regal red carpet entry. Planning a bang-on entrance is a requirement if you’re wondering how to increase the glam quotient of your entrance and how to make your wedding entrance unforgettable! An Indian DJs is the need. The bride and groom are inside, so shout something loud!

Nostalgic Notes For Bride & Groom

Your family, college buddies, schoolmates, and a large number of guests will attend your entrance. Make sure that every guest that enters your wedding entrance to celebrate with you writes down a memory of you with them in a box or jar you place there.

Gather them up until dinnertime and read them aloud, whether it’s for the bride or for you, for a happy occasion full of giggle fits and fond memories.

Create The Candlelit Path On The Entrance 

Looking for a romantic activity? Candles will work just well. Make a candle-lined entrance way into the reception area. They’ll be a hit with your visitors when they enter, and you and your partner will appreciate using them as your aisle.

Transform The Existing Door

Utilise an existing door feature at your location to keep things straightforward. Of course, you may adorn it with flowers and foliage as well. Walk hand in hand into your welcome area to make a stunning entry.

Create A Textile Display

This choice is gorgeous even though it isn’t overly grand. Create a display with textiles produced in the wedding entrance where you’re getting married. You’ll adore using it as a background for pictures of the wedding entrance.

Live Music

Picking up on the trend of a live band, or Indian DJs. You may have a live band play calming music so that you can relax and enjoy the beverages or you may have an Indian wedding DJ that plays traditional songs so that you can dance and enjoy the wedding. The evening may be made into a lovely event to be remembered forever with the help of some sweet and comforting acoustic renditions of songs.

A Perfect DJ Mix For The Entry 

An Indian DJs is a need, even if we do appreciate calm live music to put us in the party atmosphere in the early hours. To make the most of this night, you’ll need to make sure your entrance party is in full motion and that you dance your shoes off. Also, make sure your Indian wedding DJ plays all your favorite songs as well as some 80s and 90s favourites so that your elders can appreciate the jazz.

Celebrate With Sparklers  

While making a spectacular entrance with sparklers is common, it may also be done the other way around! Charge someone with organising this. Give sparklers to each guest as you enter the wedding entrance for a very beautiful moment.

Walk Through Curtains

Consider designing your own Indian wedding venue entrance. We adore the concept of hanging curtains, complete with foliage and lovely lighting. Holding hands through this doorway will make for such a lovely experience.


These were a few of the popular and unusual suggestions on how to make your wedding entrance special. You may acquire ideas from them and speak with a wedding planner to ensure that everything goes well.

If you have any more suggestions on how to make your wedding a memorable one, let us know and will make it happen. For your memorable wedding choose DSD Lighting and Events to make it memorable and special for life.

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